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Unraveling Rumors is an intriguing new manga series from Japanese artist, Hanako Otomo. It follows the story of Dareum An, a seemingly perfect student and daughter of a wealthy family. She is an idolized goddess among her peers, until one fateful night when her world comes crashing down.

An anonymous forum app called EvCam is spreading a malicious rumor about Dareum and soon she is the center of a social media storm. Her perfect life is suddenly filled with suspicion and mistrust. The only thing she knows for sure is that someone is out to get her, but who?

Enter Muyeol Lee, a mysterious figure from the shadows who claims to be able to help Dareum figure out who is behind the rumor. Despite her initial mistrust, Dareum reluctantly decides to take Muyeol up on his offer.

But nothing is ever as it seems in Unraveling Rumors. Dareum and Muyeol soon find themselves in a tangled web of secrets, lies, and deception. As they start to get closer to the truth, dangerous truths come to light and they are forced to question who they can really trust.

Name: Unraveling Rumors
Aired: 2023 -?
Author/Illustrator: T.GREENY and bbchu

Unraveling Rumors

Unraveling Rumors Characters

Muyeol Lee

Manhwa Summary

Dareum An goes from a goddess to a social pariah overnight, all because of those five words, a baseless rumor, and an anonymous forum app for college students called EvCam. Just when she feels ready to give up on everything, Muyeol Lee appears and offers to help her find the person who ruined her reputation. Can Dareum clear her name and regain her perfect life? More importantly… can she really trust Muyeol?

To the Stars I Love Released Date

The release date for Unraveling Rumors Manga is March 1sr, 2023.




Unraveling Rumors is an exciting, suspenseful manga about redemption and the power of truth. With its colorful characters, unexpected plot twists, and a hint of romance, this manga is sure to keep readers gripped to the very end. The art style is beautiful and captures the range of emotions that Dareum experiences as she struggles to reclaim her life. This manga is a must-read for anyone looking for an engaging, thought-provoking story.