What it Means To Be You

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What it Means To Be You (あなたであることの意味, What kind of person abandons you on your wedding night, never bothers to find out what’s wrong, ignores your frantic requests for help for years, and neglects you to the point that you commit yourself and he has no idea? Throughout the entire series, I wished she would leave him, and then that jackass demands, “Why do you want to divorce me? Why?” Shitface. The plot is intriguing, but the ml is a piece of crap.

Official synopsis

Princess Violet is due to wed Winter, the illegitimate (and volatile) son of a nobleman, in order to pay off her family’s debt. For her, it’s love at first sight, but the marriage ends in disaster when her family’s royal position becomes null and void and she’s labelled a swindler. Three years into this nightmare, the former princess decides to end it all, only to awaken in Winter’s body. Will the two, perplexed by the sudden body swap and unable to rely on others, reach a consensus?


First, I adore the title’s originality so long as it does not contain the word “villainess” (I swear every time I see “villainess” in a title I see a continuous troupe happening but will still read it just to see the difference from others). Based on the synopsis and how the story is progressing, “What It Means to Be You” is plausible because both the female lead and male lead are trying to form a better bond and make a change (which is improved thanks to the FL and the gender swap so props to you two cuz if that didn’t happen…it would be really depressing to read).

Ch 1: Ok what was with the FL’s second brother interfering with the wedding and causing them to lose their titles or something…like it didn’t say until later that both the FL’s father and eldest brother died, shouldn’t the throne be given to the second eldest since it’s not like y’all lost your kingdom? I mean truly, what good did it do you, FL’s other second brother, to wreck the wedding and cause problems for FL and ML?

Around ch 20: Lord ML you need help, I can tell some people ain’t liking him and dropping this manhwa, and I don’t like him either, but I had remembered where he got his attitude from, his origin because he wasn’t at fault for being born out of wedlock, being forced to work as a child, and being tortured along the way, which by looking at this psychologically he wasn’t able to develop expressing himself let alone talking ( As for FL, I’m becoming depressed from your perspective, whether it’s the gossip of society or your isolation, therefore I’m rooting for you to get better soon.

Additional views on development/whole manhwa: As the couple continues to commit to making improvements, I pray to God that there will be no high levels of drama because 1 we’re going to see them become strangers and there’s a good chance the antagonists will use it to their advantage, and 2 we’re going back to square one, which means we readers wasted our time cheering the couple on, but it was all for naught. The premise is intriguing, but it is not for everyone because this is not a pleasant and innocent tale; rather, it explains serious topics such as suicide and sadness. This manga requires patience due to the fact that ML is through character development and FL is attempting to survive in life.

How I’m not leaving: I’m staying because I want to see the end outcome, because I want to witness how an unhappy married couple becomes happy, and because I want to see the demise of everyone who mistreated FL, including her brother and in-laws. That is all;3


What it Means To Be You