World Eater Yulian Manga

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In World Eater Yulian, a manga series by squidsyes, Yulian is a young woman with no interest in the world and no desire to save it. But when she meets a mysterious dragon god, her life is forever changed. The dragon god informs her that she is the chosen one and will be the world’s savior. Despite her reluctance, Yulian takes up the mantle of “World Eater” and must battle against the evil spirits that threaten the world.

Yulian’s journey is an exciting and thrilling one, as she battles her foes and discovers the secrets of her new power. Along the way she meets allies who help her on her quest, and learns more about the world she’s been tasked with saving. As she faces her enemies, Yulian must find the strength and courage to accept her destiny and become the savior of the world.


Name: World Eater Yulian
Create by: squidsyes
Aired: 2023 – ?

World Eater Yulian
World Eater Yulian Character



Finally!!! A webtoon with a setting in China! As a Chinese person myself, I am very excited about this! Yulian is a manga series that is definitely worth checking out.

World Eater Yulian is an exciting, action-packed manga series that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. Yulian’s journey is full of surprises and suspense, and her quest to save the world is sure to capture the imagination of readers. With its unique premise and engaging characters, (Source: Webtoons)