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Will you buy a PlayStation 5 or an Xbox One X immediately once they’re released?

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Welcome to another amazing question “Will you buy a PlayStation 5 or an Xbox Series X immediately once released” Your opinion is important to us! Here you’ll find a number of different community polls, put together by your Stig team. Why don’t you spare a couple of minutes to take part in one of them? We’re looking forward to your participation!

PlayStation 5

Both the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X are supposed to be extremely powerful gaming consoles, whose games are meant to enthral us more than ever before. The hardware and performance data of the two consoles is impressive; however, one shouldn’t attach too much importance to marketing and “Teraflops” values. Far more important than that is the interplay of each individual piece of hardware, and that’s where the big differences between the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X lie. Nevertheless, here are the bare figures:

PlayStation 5Xbox Series X
CPUAMD Zen 2 (8-Core)AMD Zen 2 (8-Core)
CPU Clock Speed3.5 GHz (SMT)3.8 GHz (3.6 GHz SMT)
Compute Units / Shader36 / 2.304 Cores52 / 3.328 Cores
GPU Clock Speed2.23 GHz (variable)1.825 GHz
GPU TeraFLOPS9.2 (10.3 with Boost Mode)
(4.2 Playstation 4 Pro)
(6.0 Xbox One X)
Memory16 GB GDDR616 GB GDDR6
Memory Bandwidth448 GB/s10 GB 560 GB/s, 6 GB 336 GB/s
SSD825 GB1000 GB
SSD Speed5.5 GB/s
8–9 GB/s Compressed
2.4 GB/s
4.8 GB/s Compressed
Optical Drive4K Blu-ray4K Blu-ray
External Storage SupportNVMe-SSD-Slot1 TB SSD Expansion Card

Do let us know in the comments why you chose one console over the other! Was it the integrated hardware? Maybe it was the exclusive games or the controller? Or is there perhaps a totally different reason for your decision?

The Playstation 4 Pro currently costs £349.99 in the Days Gone Limited Edition SteelBook Bundle. The Xbox One X in the Gears 5 Limited Edition bundle is available for £375.00. Status: May 2, 2020.

I’ll wait and see if the PS5 is really backwards compatible. That’s the killer argument for me. At the moment I’m still playing on the PS3, then I would just skip the 4. If that’s a hardware solution and not some software rubbish that didn’t work anymore after a few updates

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