Wish Upon A Husband: Read the entire chapter recap and spoiler!

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Wish Upon A Husband is a romantic comedy manga set in a fantasy world, authored by Hesese and illustrated by Dokbull, published by Manta Comics. The story revolves around Renea, who accidentally wishes for two husbands in front of a wish-granting statue and ends up marrying a hunky statue named Beldemere. As Renea tries to navigate her life with two husbands, she faces numerous challenges, laughter, heartfelt moments, and surprising twists.

The Story So Far (Chapters 1–50)

The Wish

Renea, an ordinary housewife, discovers a wish-granting statue and decides to use it to turn her love life around. Initially, she wishes for her cheating husband, Edwin, to fall in love with her again. However, her wish takes an unexpected turn, and she ends up marrying the hunky statue, Beldemere, instead. Now, Renea must find a way to balance her life with two husbands without getting caught.

Beldemere’s Transformation

Beldemere, the statue-turned-husband, strives to become the perfect husband for Renea 2. He studies various books on the subject and tries to learn how to be a good partner. Meanwhile, Renea grapples with the challenges of having two husbands and tries to keep her secret from being revealed.

Edwin’s Discovery

In Chapter 23, Edwin finally discovers the truth about Renea and Beldemere’s relationship. However, he has no right to confront Renea, as he was also having an affair with Freya. The chapter is filled with drama and comedic interactions, making it one of the best chapters in the series.

Wish Upon A Husband

People Also Ask

Q: When is the release date for Wish Upon A Husband, Chapter 24?

A: The release date for Wish Upon A Husband Chapter 24 is scheduled for Sunday, July 2, 2023, KST3.

Q: Where can I read Wish Upon A Husband?

A: You can read Wish Upon A Husband on Manta Comics.

Q: How many chapters are there in Wish Upon A Husband?

A: As of June 25, 2023, there are 128 chapters in Wish Upon A Husband.


“Wish Upon A Husband” is a unique and entertaining romantic comedy manhwa that explores the challenges and hilarity of having two husbands. With its engaging storyline, lovable characters, and surprising twists, it has captured the hearts of many readers. As Renea continues to navigate her life with two husbands, we can expect more laughter, heartfelt moments, and unexpected turns in the upcoming chapters.

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