Wished You Were Dead Chapter 43: Evonne with King! Release Date

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Wished You Were Dead Chapter 43: what if you met someone that you could never get over, even though it was one sided? Evonne dated this guy and had the most amazing first date, but ever since that date she has been in love with him and knows he will never feel the same way about her. Her friends are tired of hearing about this guy, so they ask her to go out on another date and act like it’s the worst date ever just to move on with her life. Will Evonne follow through or will she continue to pine after the man that broke her heart? I Wish

You Were Dead Chapter 43: What Will Happen Next?

Wished You Were Dead Chapter 43

Karloi, king of Croisen, is at odds with his station in life. He is constantly striving to better himself and his kingdom, but often feels like he falls short. Inevitably, this leads to feelings of inadequacy and resentment. However, Karloi is still a good king who cares for his people and wants what’s best for them. In chapter 42 of Wished You Were Dead, we see Karloi at his lowest point yet. 

Karloi leaves the castle, determined to get out into the world on his own. There, he encounters Duke Deluah, the father of his wife and a contender for the throne. Duke Deluah insults Karloi’s wife by calling her a woman when referring to her as the mother of your son. And Karloi’s wife responds by chastising him for not being aware that she is queen regent during their son’s minority.

Previous Chapter Recap

Karloi has always hated his wife, Evonne. He’s never been able to understand why she does the things she does or why she always seems to be trying to make his life more difficult. The only thing he knows for sure is that he wants her dead.

Wished You Were Dead Chapter 43

Evonne Deluah was trying to please the king so they could have at least one child. She had no daughters from him and she was not pregnant. If they couldn’t get a son soon, then all of their kingdoms would break apart when he died. I’m sorry, my love, Evonne said as she tried to show him some affection in an attempt to make up for not giving him what he wanted. I’ll try harder next time.

Wished You Were Dead Chapter 43: Release Date

The long-awaited of Wished You Were Dead Chapter 43 will be released on Monday, July 18th.  

The release date was originally set for June 18th, but was pushed back due to the coronavirus pandemic. The manga artist left a message in the comments field of their tweet apologizing for any inconvenience caused by this decision. No doubt, some fans are eager to read this new chapter, while others have expressed disappointment that it won’t be available until Monday morning.

Where to Read Wish You Were Dead?

Fans of the Wished You Were Dead manga are expecting to read the next chapter on webtoons or mangahwa. However, in chapter 44 or 45 there is no release date for the chapter as of yet. This has led to some frustration among fans, who are eager to see what happens next in the story. However, it is worth noting that the author has been consistently releasing new chapters, so it is likely that the next one will come out soon.

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