WorldPay Phone Number: Here’s the Details and What We Know So Far

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WorldPay is a payment processing company that provides electronic payments and banking services. If you need to contact WorldPay, there are several ways to do so. In this article, we will cover the different ways to contact WorldPay, including phone numbers, email addresses, and support resources.

Contacting WorldPay

Phone Numbers

  • For general inquiries, you can call WorldPay’s customer service team at 0800 096 3997.
  • For technical support, you can call WorldPay’s customer support team at 03457 61 62 63.
  • For existing U.S. customers, you can call 800-859-5965.
  • For existing UK customers, you can call +44 345 761 6263.
  • For new UK customers, you can call +44 800 804 458611.
  • For international customers, you can call +44 330 333 1233.
  • For WorldPay Integrated Payments (Mercury Payments Systems), you can call 800-846-4472.
  • For WorldPay’s payments team, you can call 03457 61 62 63.

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Email Addresses

How can I contact WorldPay’s customer service team?

You can, For general inquiries, you can email WorldPay’s customer service team at [email protected].


In conclusion, WorldPay provides several ways to contact their customer service and support teams. You can call their customer service team for general inquiries or their technical support team for technical issues. You can also email their customer service or support teams for assistance. Additionally, WorldPay provides a range of support resources, including FAQs, user guides, and troubleshooting guides. If you need more information about WorldPay, you can also check out reviews and complaints on

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