Yurei Deco Season 2: Will they be a Episode 13? Recap and Every Details

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Yurei Deco Season 2: Will they be a Episode 13? In the context of Yurei Deco, people live with a “deco” in their eyes that lets them see the real world in augmented reality with shared data with every citizen. It’s like being in real life and a game with skins for the world in the same way. This deco is obligatory. You must register and use it every moment. But if you are not registered somehow, we could say that you are out of that world; you are a Phantom, you are a “Yurei”. The story is about Berry, an enthusiastic young girl who broke her Deco in one eye, and with that eye that can see real life, she discovers a Yurei and follows it.

Yurei Deco Season 2: Will they be a Episode 13?

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Recap of the story: In Tom Sawyer’s cyber city, society is based on the concept of accumulating “Love,” which is analogous to collecting likes on social media. The Decoration Customizer, also referred to as “Deco,” is a hologram device that is implanted in an individual’s eyes beginning in early childhood. This augmented reality’s citizens trade Love for public services and avatars that change their appearance using the Decoration Customizer. The people of Tom Sawyer live a peaceful existence thanks to the careful management of the government; the only threat to their tranquility is the sporadic appearance of Phantom Zero, a mysterious criminal who reduces all Love to zero in their immediate vicinity.

Berry is a mischievous girl who is fascinated by Phantom Zero. She lives a comfortable life in the system of Tom Sawyer until her Deco begins to malfunction, at which point she is able to see a prankster named Hack who is disguised. Berry, who is under the impression that Hack is Phantom Zero, pursues the suspect and, in the course of doing so, begins to unearth the most closely guarded secrets of society. As it turns out, Hack is not the only person operating outside of the rules of the system, and the bright colors of Tom Sawyer conceal a more sinister nature.

I did enjoy the “where are they now” scenes at the end, though, and I think that the disparity in my feelings between those scenes and the rest of this episode sort of sums up my overall opinion of the show. It’s got a lot of individually enjoyable components—I liked the show’s overall aesthetic, I found the setting interesting, and the characters were generally fun—but I feel like the writers struggled to make a compelling overarching mystery out of those pieces.

Yurei Deco: Will they be a season 2 or Episode 13?

As fans of “Yurei Deco” wait with baited breath for Season 2, many are wondering if there will be a Season 2 or Episode 13. The answer, unfortunately, is still unknown. The creators of “Yurei Deco” have said that they are open to the idea of continuing the story, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

only time will tell if “Yurei Deco” will return for another season or chapter. In the meantime, fans can rewatch Season 1 and speculate about what might happen next

Yurei Deco Episode 12 Final Recap And Review

I really loved this anime. It was a really unique concept and it had some good animation. Very underrated

The last scene of Finn carrying Berry and Hack off to safety while he finally admits to himself that they are part of his family really sold me on how heartwarming it was. It’s like a lone mom saving two of their orphaned children. Meanwhile, Finn, Hack, and Berry are on their way to Heaven, that is Mark Twain, to solve the final piece of the puzzle, one which the Ai engineer, Analytica, created that has all the data on Tom Sawyer Island, and predictably the same databank that they’re finding for Phantom Zero to vindicate the Yurei Detective Club.

Yurei Deco Season 2: Will they be a Episode 13?

The miracle that Berry was looking for through her parents’ sacrifice wasn’t by mere coincidence. And now with the news that she is dead and their arrest with the involvement of the Customer Center, taking into account that Berry’s now a Yurei, the real truth is just recognizing it by sight.

The outbreak news about the Phantom Zero Nation has people scrambling for data, and with Hack’s sudden transportation into Phantom Zero’s Hyperverse, the desperation to find this “Injunction Jo” becomes a race against time for both Berry and Hack to catch the culprit in action, and Finn to safeguard them both until the mission is done.

It s a great and particular psy-fi context about the interaction with humans with augmented reality. Even with the dark stuff and concepts like being manipalated, it doesn t feel edgy, it feels like some real evolution of the world interacting with advanced RA in a daily way. The mystery is pretty decent, even if it was managed in a simple way. It’s enjoyable.

Where To Watch Yurei Deco? 

To shorten the answer, fans can watch the anime on Crunchyroll. However, if you are eager to know how to watch Yurei Deco? If so, let’s get started with the streaming sites. You will enjoy watching the movie on any of the streaming sites.

Yurei Deco Season 2: Will they be a Episode 13?

But wait, because anything else, Are you interested in knowing where to watch Yurei Deco for free? If so, know about the free streaming sites. Enjoy watching the anime shows on any of the free sites in HD quality. One recommended site is Crunchyroll or ZoroDotTo.

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