Secret Class Manga: All Available Released Chapters Review, and Where to Read?

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Well, I know you are here searching for secret class manga. If so,then you are in the right place. Today we have covered everything you need to know, including where to read this series, so keep reading.

In summary, The main character Dae Ho, orphaned at the age of 13, was adopted by his father’s friend. However, Dae Ho as an adult, knew nothing about the relationship between men and women. Dae Ho’s aunt and sisters decided to give pure Dae Ho a secret lesson…

Secret Class Manga

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So without wasting too much time, I have covered every detail about the series and the release date for each chapter, including recaps and where to read this manga and anime series, so go ahead and keep reading this post before going further, and I hope you will enjoy it. I have put a lot of time into doing the research in order to meet your search for what you are looking for at the moment. However, we finally discovered the solution, and here is everything you need to know about this manga and the anime version, so if you are new to this blog, you can bookmark this page so you don’t miss any updates from StiG.

Secret Class Characters

  • Dae-ho Oh
  • Eun-Ae June
  • Mia Cha
  • Soo-Ah Cha
  • Joo-Ri Kang
  • Yu-Hee Han
  • Eun-nim

But the main characters of this series are Dae-ho Oh and Soo-Ah Cha. However, there are some other characters who were introduced in the latest chapters (148) of this series, and not all of them should be included in this post. We just have to focus on the main characters and the necessary characters at the moment, so if you feel your favourite character is not here, then you should contact us and we will add it as soon as possible.

Secret Class Manga Released Date List

Chapter 1 Released on January 9th 2021
Chapter 5 – 9Released on July 9th 2021
Chapter  10 – 15Released on August, 3th 2021
Chapter 16 – 20Released on September, 9th 2021
Chapter 21 – 26Released on October, 9th 2021
Chapter 27 – 99Released on November, 9th 2021
Chapter 100Released on December, 1st 2021
Chapter  101 – 120Released on December 8th – April 30th
Chapter 121 – 129Released on March 19th – 7th May 2022
Chapter 130 – 138Released on June 4th – July 30th 2022
Chapter 139Released on August, 6th 2022
Chapter 140Released on August 20th 2022
Chapter 141Released on August, 27th 2022
Chapter 142Released on September, 3rd  2022
Chapter 143Released on September, 13th 2022
Chapter 144Released on September 17th 2022
Chapter 145Released on September 24th 2022
Chapter 146Released on October, 1st 2022
Chapter 147Released on October, 8th 2022
Chapter 148Released on October, 15th 2022

Secret Class Review and Recap 

I would not go into a deep review of this manga. However, in a short review and to my own opinion based on what I have witnessed about the series, I really liked this secret class manga mostly because there hasn’t been any drama, like no sad stories about the girls or ex-boyfriends or guys that are interested in them or anything like that. I really like this manga and am hoping for the anime as well. I definitely recommend it. You won’t regret it. Usually I don’t read these because they always have something that pisses me off or really f-ks my head up, but not this one. This is the shit right here. Whoever made this, you are the man. Real talk They should all be like this. No cap and now let’s see some other interesting details about this series.

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Where To Read or Watch Secret Class?

You can read Secret Class on TopToonPlus as it is currently not in webtoon, so fans can read the series on the legitimate website TopToonPlus.

Secret Class Manga

I would like to shorten the answer. Nobody has time to wait for lengthy information.However, StiG is always here to provide an accurate solution to their audience. Just like I have previously stated, the best place and the best recommended site to read this series is on TopToonPlus.

For anime fans, I think one of the best and most recommended places to watch this series is on IMDb or Crunchyroll. Always remember to visit StiG again.

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