The Blind Prince – All Chapters Spoiler and Review

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  • This is a few review and spoiler about The Blind Prince Comic.
  • In this content you will know the Main Character and what the series is all about.

The Blind Prince is a manga series that follows the story of Elaine, a cursed girl born with a set of wings and feathers covering her body. She is desperate to hide her curse and find a way to be accepted by society, which leads her to the forbidden forest. There, she meets a prince who is determined to reclaim his throne and his missing eyes. The two embark on an adventure together, filled with dangers, romance, and revelations.

This series is great for readers who are looking for a good fantasy story with a strong female protagonist. The action-packed plot and beautiful artwork make for an exciting read. The characters are well developed and the story is filled with suspense and intense moments.

The Blind Prince follows the journey of Elaine and the prince as they try and overcome the obstacles standing in their way. In the process, both of them learn and grow, and eventually, find a way to accept each other’s differences. The manga provides readers with an inspirational story about love, friendship, and courage.

The Blind Prince - All Chapters Spoiler and Review

If you are looking for a manga series that is both heartwarming and exciting, The Blind Prince is a great pick. With beautiful artwork and a captivating story, The Blind Prince is a must-read for anyone looking for romance manga.


There are just a few chapters released so far, as this series is a completely new manga release on March 1, 2023.

Manhwa Summary

Elaine desperately tries to hide the unearthly feathers that riddle her skin, all for the sake of love. But her curse leaves her rejected and trapped behind a wall deep within the forbidden forest. With no way home, her only option is to rely on a Prince determined to reclaim his throne, and his missing eyes.

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