Mesudachi The Animation

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Mesudachi The Animation Database

the anime was branded by Showten I was released in August 1st 2022 following the summary…

The main character couldn’t stand the lewd provocations of my boyish childhood friend Satonaka Satsuki, who has a cheeky style, and I went into the spear room of just the two of us with the privilege of my best friend, and I ended up kissing, vaginal cumshot, and raw copulation many times. The curtain rises on the days of sex with the best female sluts after school!

Mesudachi The Animation

Mesudachi The Animation Release Date

It so happens that the series was released on the 10th of September 2022, Hanime, and fans can watch the series or catch up because there is only episode 1 at the moment. A review will be dropped on this post soon.

Mesudachi The Animation Characters

Mamiya, Marie
Satonaka Satsuki

the main character is Satonaka Satsuki.

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