Catching Up to Luke Vischel – Is the Manga Worth Reading? A Recap and Everything You Need to Know

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You may have heard about the recent Akkobbang best seller called Catching Up to Luke Vischel and you might be wondering whether it’s worth reading or not. In this article, we’ll be taking a brief look at the basic story of Luke Vischel, give you our own opinion on whether it’s worth reading or not and recap the main points of the story so far so that you don’t have to read all 40 plus chapters to find out what happened in them.

With wealth, status, and incredibly good looks, the only thing Bastian Effenberg is missing is a decent personality. But who needs one of those when the queen is your cousin and the whole world bows at your feet? Of course, even a noble pain in everyone’s side needs to be disciplined once in a while. And that’s what Bastian’s parents thought they were doing when they threatened to marry him off to Luke Vischel, the ferocious knight of everyone’s nightmares. Luke may have been the only person Bastian ever feared, but that is precisely how she captured his heart. Now, Bastian is determined to conquer the woman who once sent chills up his spine, but is he any match for her? This pompous heir is certainly a force to be reckoned with, but if anyone can tame him, it’s her.

Catching Up to Luke Vischel: Is the manga Worth Reading?

Catching Up to Luke Vischel

Yes, it’s worth reading. It is a graphic novel that is currently on its 40th installment of an ongoing series. The story starts out with a young high school student, who is not looking forward to going home after a day of classes because his abusive father awaits him. In order to escape, he finds solace in an abandoned house which he has taken refuge in many times before.

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What We Know About The Series So Far

The premise sounded interesting, but there is no logic in any of their feelings or actions. The only way it is worth reading is if you want to see what happens in the end.

The first chapter gave us a basic introduction of our characters and their settings. Also, seeing how they will interact with each other in order to achieve their goals. Their interactions can be either negative or positive as long as it benefits them. I am sure we will also see them interact with some side characters that are not so necessary for plot advancement. The series has a unique art style, but I really don’t know if it is on purpose or if it is just bad drawing skills by Akkobbang.

The story is just so generic with nothing special that stands out. I think it will be hard for us readers to connect with any of our main characters because they have no development at all and are so boring. They just have one goal which they will probably achieve in a few chapters. Nothing can go wrong, right?


So, is the manga worth reading? I would say that it is worth reading based on my own personal experience with it. If you are a fan of Little Lady Mint then this might be a good opportunity for you to broaden your horizon with some different types of storytelling. I hope that this review has been helpful in giving you an idea on whether or not you should read this series.

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